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dedicated to helping foreign-born military spouses adapt & thrive.

I started FMSA in 2018 after realizing the strong need for a platform supporting foreign-born spouses and their families.


My husband deployed shortly after I immigrated to the US from Sweden, leaving me to figure out a lot on my own. In my case, that meant learning how to drive, getting an SSN, opening a bank account, and processing my immigration papers. In addition, it took 7 months before I was granted permission to work

My situation made me dependent on the many services offered at most military bases as I was both alone and clueless in a culture that was new to me. While I was thankful to receive support from both military officials and volunteers, it also became clear that the military community often lacked knowledge and resources related to challenges faced by foreign-born spouses and their families.


With this background, I started the Foreign Military Spouse Association, an online network dedicated to empowering and supporting foreign-born spouses and their families. Today, we are a fast-growing community and resource, appreciated by spouses, service members, organizations, and the military community.

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