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Collecting your Foreign Medical Information

Before moving to the US you do want to collect as much information as you can from your doctors in your home country. This will not only help you when immigrating, it will also help you in future interaction with the American health care system and authorities.

Accessing your medical documentation history once you are in the US can get complicated, and the process will most likely be slow. It is however worth the extra work to have all your medical information in order. You never know when it will become handy.

You cannot enroll in TRICARE (the military health care system) until you are married to your servicemember. Even after you are married, you and your spouse need to enroll you in the system. This may take a few days as your marriage needs to be processed by the military, and the county.

Because of this, you might want to consider getting travel insurance from your home country, making sure any necessary medical treatments will be covered while you are in the US without American health insurance coverage.


List of Vaccinations

Having proof of your vaccination records (even from when you were a cute little baby) will be crucial in your immigration process. Having extra copies is a great idea. You might need this information for future paperwork in the US, especially if you ever get staioned overseas. Make sure the names of these vaccinations are understandable to an American doctor, you may consider translating these documents. The servicemember can consult with medical staff on base regarding translation needs.


Collect documentation from your latest pap smear. This will help you keep track of when you need to have another test in the US. If you are taking birth control, it’s smart to stack up before immigrating. Remember that it may take weeks before you get to see a doctor for birth control prescriptions. You don’t want to run out!

X-rays & Lab results

If you have any medical condition being monitored by x-rays or blood tests, you do want to bring copies to show your future medical provider. This may also include dental work.

List of Allergies

If you have allergies – write them down and bring any lab results related to your allergies. Remember to include foods, medications etc.


Write down all of your prescriptions. Your medications may have a different name in the US, and it will be helpful for you and your medical provider if you have a list to look at. Again, it will most likely be a while before you can see a doctor in the US. Therefore, make sure you have enough medication if you are taking something frequently.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

You will need an American prescription to purchase contact lenses and glasses in the US, meaning you have to visit an optometrist. Seeing an obstetrician for contact lenses or glasses are not covered by the TRICARE military health insurance. Prices vary from $80 - $250.


Once married, your spouse can enroll you in a dental plan. Explore your options together.


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