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About to move to the US soon? Here's a Checklist!

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

One of our members once shared her to-do list prior to immigrating to the US. It has since then been useful for many soon-to-become Military Spouses!

My Home

· Organize clothes and shoes – keep or donate?

· Furniture and kitchen supplies – keep, donate or sell?

· Mail needs to get redirected to a family member after moving date

· Buy outlet adapter for laptop, hairdryer, curling iron, iphone

· Cancel home insurance and other insurance

· Cancel internet and cable provider (3 months in advance!!)

· Towels, sheets, give to family members? (Same size in the US?)

· Confirm moving date

· Confirm shipping date for my stuff

· Call cleaning service for apartment

· Organize storage for moving boxes

· Buy portable charger for phone

· Bring family photo albums?


· Bank stuff

· Travel insurance

· Vaccinations + translate

· Double check last pay-check from work

· Book flight tickets (look for promo code)

· Visa papers in order (in a carry-on bag) + extra copies of everything

· Updated passports and photo ID

· Inform authorities about emigrating

· Translate resume to English

· US Dollars, maybe carry $1,000 cash?

· Collect degrees, letters of recommendation, certificates (in English)

· Call doctor and get renewed prescriptions for allergy meds

· Pick up allergy meds at pharmacy

· Buy extra contact lenses

· Ask dentist for x-rays (wisdom teeth progress)

· Order birth certificate, 5 copies (in English)

· Order criminal record screening, 5 copies (in English)

My Family and Friends

· Collect phone numbers and addresses

· Collect photos and photo albums

· Organize goodbye party

· Share new address, phone number, with family and friends

· Ask for ride to airport

My Sweetheart

· Send copies of all important documents (in case we can't get ahold of each other when I travel)

· Ask for copy of his military orders in case immigration asks about him

· Share flight info and phone numbers to family members

· Discuss what I should bring from home or what we will buy there

· Arrange housing/hotel prior to my arrival

· Get his working hours, can he take leave for when I arrive or will friend have to pick me up?

· Write down his cell on paper in case phone doesn’t work

· Phone numbers for his family members


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